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Miren Hayek


Miren Hayek

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I have lived in Bohemia, California, Scotland and Australia and the colours, light and contours of these places are part of the visual impact of my artistic work.

Now spending time between Scotland and the Czech Republic, I passionately support local artists and help to promote culture and creativity in both of my countries. My personal journey to art and photography was unconventional. My love for drawing and painting as a child was always there but only truly came to life in my thirties when I owned an art gallery. Painting and photography mean the same thing to me. They both capture a moment in time just in different ways and at various speeds. I hope to grow my portfolio and explore new possibilities familiar and unknown.

Miren Hayek's original watercolours and photographs are for sale. If you are interested in purchasing or would like to commission a work of art of photography please contact me.

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